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Living with the constant threat of headaches, whether you experience migraine or tension headaches, is a tough way to live. Never knowing when the next headache will strike, unable to commit to plans because you could be having a bad headache that day and trying to push through the routine activities of daily living, including work, places a cloud over your head that is tough to overcome. Fortunately, there are headache treatments now that resolve this problem for many people. At Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre, we are able to provide several headache treatments that bring relief to our patients.

Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre is located in Morehead, Kentucky. Chiropractic care is safe & effective headache treatment & our chiropractors will work to deliver relief from pain.We have been serving patients in this region for many years and our work to address your headache problems with several approaches to headache treatment is much-appreciated by our chronic headache patients. We offer a unique, integrated approach to headaches at Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre with our providers including both medical doctors and chiropractors. This medical/chiropractic combination provides us the ability to prescribe several types of headache treatment, helping us to bring pain relief to our patients.

A migraine headache remains somewhat of a medical mystery but researchers are learning more about them than used to be known. There are some indications that a change in hormone levels can cause a migraine headache. Stress, problematic in a variety of medical conditions, is known to be a headache trigger, along with bright lights and certain odors. Medications, too little or too much sleep and certain foods and food additives can cause tension and migraine headaches. Even with avoiding these triggering conditions, many of our headache patients will still have these painful, lengthy headaches. The headache patients at Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre benefit from our specialty understanding of headaches and headache treatments. Our patients are grateful for our convenient location that serves patients throughout the region surrounding Morehead.

We will take the time it takes to understand your headaches. We will listen to you; we will work to understand what you are experiencing and we will provide the specific headache treatment approach that we believe will work best for you. For some patients, we will recommend chiropractic care to help manage symptoms. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective headache treatment and our chiropractors will work with you to deliver relief from pain. Your chiropractic treatment usually involves a series of adjustments which you will appreciate receiving close to home. The last thing you need when you are dealing with chronic headaches is travel to an unfamiliar, distant setting.

For some patients, a medical approach can be the most appropriate headache treatment. Because of our expertise in pain management, we will carefully prescribe pain relieving medication, sometimes accompanied with a beta blocker or antihistamine. At Kentucky Pain Institute we use a cautious, responsible approach when dispensing any pain medications. We are well aware of the irresponsible dispensing and use of pain medications that can lead to misuse and addiction. You can rest assured that this does not happen in our practice. We provide headache treatments to return our patients to healthy, functional living, not a living with addiction.

When you visit us at Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre, you will receive treatment from professionals committed to providing headache treatment to get you back to a life without the cloud of pain and unpredictability that headaches can cause. Our long history of restoring our patients to their productive lives is the solution you need for the headache pain you are experiencing. Call us today at (606) 784-1115 or Toll-Free at (800) 318-4444 to learn more about us.


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Through manipulation, stimulation, traction, exercise, muscle shots and epidurals, in a short period of time, I went from only being able to stand for an hour at a time to being able to work a full day. This is a much better alternative than medications and I am truly grateful for the fast, friendly and professional service I have been given.

- Jimmy H.


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