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If you have been suffering from back pain and struggling to find a way out, a visit to Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre in Morehead, Kentucky can take you down the path to a clear diagnosis and solution. The potential of finding an answer to your back pain is strong at our clinic, as we are a unique combination of medical and chiropractic approach, with providers in a shared setting affording us the greatest range of diagnostics and solutions to your back pain. This integrated approach provides our patients with a wide range of diagnostics and treatments – and doesn’t require patients to choose between the two approaches before scheduling an appointment. Patients come to our clinic with their back pain and our skilled providers will diagnose and customize care specific to their condition.

A medial branch block is one of our effective diagnostic/treatment options. Medial . Medial branch block is primarily diagnostic, a treatment used to identify the source of pain.branch block is primarily diagnostic, a treatment used to identify the source of pain. When a patient treated with a medial branch block experiences pain relief, this is a signal that confirms the location of the source of pain. This procedure is performed through an injection of a numbing medication, bathing and numbing medial branch nerves which attach to the facet joints of your spine. With some of our patients, we will need to inject several levels of the spine during the procedure. If significant pain relief occurs immediately, it is confirmed that the facet join is the source of pain. We ask our patients to track their pain post-injection so that we can treat them based upon these findings.

Medial branch block is not considered to be the final solution for your back pain. It identifies the location of your pain and at Kentucky Pain Institute we follow this pinpointing of pain through medial branch block with another procedure called medial branch radiofrequency ablation that will bring about long-term pain relief. This follow-up, like medial branch block, is an injection procedure during which we will create an ablation of the nerve that is transmitting pain to your brain. Because of this ablation, the pain signal is interrupted without causing any issues with normal sensations and muscle strength.

So many people deal with back pain and many resign themselves to a life of coping with pain, mistakenly believing that their only solution is to have major spine surgery, often with mixed results. When you come to Kentucky Pain Institute we will give you hope for relief as we describe an approach to diagnosis and relief through medial branch block that is non-invasive, simple and effective. Typically, these treatments take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish and, with virtually no recovery time, your path to pain relief is quickly within reach.

We are living in an era of significant substance abuse and some people stumble into this while innocently trying to manage their pain. Communities everywhere, including the Morehead region, have an abundance of opioids available through an irresponsible, criminal network of providers, both medical and non-medical. People suffering with pain are finding themselves, out of an effort to get rid of their pain, trapped in addiction. At Kentucky Pain Institute and Spurlock Chiropractic Centre, we are trained professionals who take our commitment to treat pain seriously. We move beyond pain symptoms to the diagnosis of pain and outcomes-driven treatment that brings relief, not addiction.

If you are thinking about addressing your chronic pain, give us a call at (606)784-1115 or Toll-Free (800)318-4444. We understand the crippling nature of back pain and are anxious to help deliver safe and comprehensive relief, helping you to get back to a functional, enjoyable life.


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Through manipulation, stimulation, traction, exercise, muscle shots and epidurals, in a short period of time, I went from only being able to stand for an hour at a time to being able to work a full day. This is a much better alternative than medications and I am truly grateful for the fast, friendly and professional service I have been given.

- Jimmy H.


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